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CONTACT Mr Campervan. As you are here, I’m guessing that you want to know more, have a question or want to give us some feedback. Before contacting us please read through our FAQs for what we do and don’t do at Mr Campervan. We’re here to help therefore please give us as much information as possible so we can support you in the right way.

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In our FAQs we will try and answer some reoccurring and common questions.

‘What van should I choose?’

This is a popular question. Space plays a large part in choosing the right sized van for you whilst staying within your budget. In this instance you’ll have to ask yourself 3 questions –

  • Can you drive it on your Licence? Not everyone can.
  • Who will be using it? Is it just you? Partner? Family? Pets? These are important considerations. Can you imagine everyone in the space all at once, how would you all feel?
  • What do I want in the van? kitchenette, seating area, sleeping space and/or toilet/shower options. Asking yourself these questions will guide you in finding the right size van that will suit you. Remember you may not need to check off everything on your bucket list for your van, space is a premium. Weigh up your options Needs Vs Wants and this way you will have all you need for comfortable, happy adventures.

‘On grid using campsites or off grid wild camping or a bit of both?’

It’s important to know how you will be using your van. This will help you understand what you need in the van and how it will affect your budget.

  • On Grid hook up using Campsites with facilities can be a cheaper option to get you on the road. 240v is the standard voltage used in the Uk, by hooking up to the mains power at a campsite its like a home from home. Whilst on the road or on your way to your destination your electrical products will draw 12v power, this in basic terms is like using a power port in a car.
  • Off grid and Stealth vans need to be self sufficient in generating it’s own power and therefore solar set up is a must. Without Solar power you will not be able to use your electrical items such as a kettle, chargers, Laptops, fridge etc over a prolonged period of time. By selecting the right Solar set up for your needs, you can be self sufficient and have the freedom you want. Although we may not get much sunshine in the UK, you’d be surprised by how much you can power up even in the winter! Whatever you decide, remember your dream to keep you in check!

‘How do I use the space in my van?’.

The first thing most people do is try and fill up all available space in the Van! Our question to you is why? By using up all of the floor and wall space available in the van, you could limit the space left for you and this may end up feeling claustrophobic. Figure out what is important to you? There are 3 main considerations here, Sleeping, Eating and Showering.

  • Sleeping – Is it important to you to get a good nights sleep and have a separate place to get some down time? Many people don’t give this enough thought, it’s said a good night sleep can make a happy day of adventuring. We like fixed rear beds creating a ‘separate room’ with lots of storage space under the bed.
  • Eating – Will you be Cooking, BBQing or eating out? This will help you decide how much space you dedicate to this area.
  • Showering– Do you want a porta potty, toilet room or do you want a fully built shower room? Having a Shower room is not always a necessity that you need because if you are thinking of using campsites then there are facilities available for you to use during your stay and maybe a porta potty will be enough! Again this comes down to how you will be Holidaying.

How quickly can I get my van converted?’

We have build slots that are available on request. With the current market demands, we aim to have your hand built van converted and back to you anytime between 4-10 weeks dependant on your final design.

Do’s and Don’ts at Mr Campervan

DO’s –

  • Van to Campervan Conversion
  • Fit skylights and windows
  • Insulation
  • Electrics and solar 12v and 240v
  • Gas
  • Habitation Checks
  • Waterworks – Showers etc

DON’TS – Fit

  • Diesel Heaters
  • Pop top roofs
  • Tow bars or A frames
  • Reversing Camera’s (available only on full conversions)

NB. All Products supplied, fitted and Guaranteed.

Advice on ‘How to’

We will not offer advise on ‘how to’ questions when converting your own van (unless we’ve built it for you). Therefore please do not contact us in this instance.

Fault Finding in your Self Converted Camper

We do not advise on fault finding on existing issues in your Vehicle (unless we have converted or completed it ourselves). Therefore please do not contact us in this instance

Fault Finding Tips

Unless we’ve built your campervan or completed a job for you, we find it very difficult to diagnose challenges you have with your own Campervan/Motorhome. As a first port of call we suggest you contact the product manufacturers that you have a challenge with. This could be Thetford for a faulty 3 way fridge, Propex-Webasto for a malfunctioning night heater or Truma for a faulty boiler. Here are some links to get you there.

If you are having issues with Electrics or Gas please use professionals to diagnose and fix, its not worth the risk to do it yourself. For all van body and mechanical related issues you should go back to the manufacturer or a local garage. Good Luck in resolving your issues.

‘Do you offer single services like having a skylight put in?’

If you are converting your own van we tip our hat to you. Yes we do offer Window and Skylight services.

‘Can I have my quick job done in a day?’

Yes! This is all dependant on how many man hours your job requires, get in touch and we will let you know.

‘Can I come and see you?’

Yes! We love seeing our customers, our only request is that you get in touch and book yourself in for an appointment. This will support us in looking after our existing customers whilst giving you the time face to face that you deserve.

If you haven’t found what your looking for, please get in Contact and we’ll be happy to help.

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