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About us

Our love for all things camper goes way back but as a fully fledged business we began in 2014. We started in and around old VW campers and spent many years in the hire game. We found that more of our time was taken up working on other peoples vans and made the decision to leave the hiring to other people and throw all of our energy in to building campers.

The team

John – Company Director  – Likes to think he’s the brains of the operation, the founding father and obsessed with camper vans. Will see a conversion in anything, super creative and a nice bloke, loves painting!  He’s a wanna be George Clarke but thinks he’s better. (I think he is too)

Leigh – Company Director – Was a beaver in a past life. Give him a piece of wood and he creates art. Loves his electrics, works faster than anyone we’ve ever met. Definitely the man who makes Johns visions come to life. Has never been seen with a paint brush in his hand.

Mya – The youngest member of the team. Has spent her entire life around campers. Is brilliant with customers and sometimes out thinks us all. Keeps the office and workshop super tidy and makes a cracking cup of coffee.

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